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When I was a kid I had this Barbie game for the NES. I could never get past the second level, partly because the game was admittedly terrible (I was lucky if I even beat the first level), but mostly because, well...

In the second level you were Mermaid Barbie in the ocean for some reason. And I can't remember if it was a time limit or if you tried to backtrack, but pretty much if you took too long to keep moving this giant jellyfish would come up from behind you and start following you. And it was scary because this 8-bit version of the Jaws theme started playing when it appeared. The first time it happened to me, I was SO EXCITED because I was MERMAID BARBIE, and then... JELLYFISH AAAAH IT'S GONNA EAT ME. I was apparently so psychologically damaged that if I ever got the second level again I flat out turned the game off.

It was incredibly stupid. At least I could get my 8-bit mermaid fix from the Little Mermaid game. :U
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This is not a good question to ask me today, LJ.
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If I can't have a real one I'd at least like to get my hands on one of those giant plushies.
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Well, okay, this AND How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

And you know what makes a surprisingly good Christmas special? The second Sailor Moon movie, with the snow princess. No, seriously! I watched it last year with my friends and it pretty awesome.
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What a coincidence, I finally cut out the sewing patterns for the Medic's labcoat today. I also started making the bonesaw. I ended up dropping my boxcutter on my computer while cutting foam and now it has a BATTLE SCAR. My computer is hardcore.

Oh jeez the internet has completely sucked all week. Youtube videos didn't load, Steam took ten minutes to start up, and just browsing forums choked up. And sometime while I was at work yesterday it died completely. Somebody from Comcast FINALLY came over and fixed it for us and I'm just going to keep my fingers crossed. It's really annoying.

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NONE OF THE ABOVE. Instead, I would challenge the Cullen family to a bobsled race.


Because as we all know, zombies are much better at bobsledding than vampires. This is a fact.

ON THE TOPIC OF ZOMBIES, yesterday I bought the Zombie Survival Guide. Which is hilarious and also beneficial in that I now know how to defend my house against the inevitable undead hordes and that crowbars are the most effective bludgeoning weapon against the living dead. I've been trying to cut back on buying books, one because I'm kinda running out of space and two, a librarian should at least use the library, right? But there is maybe one copy of this book in the entire county, and it has been checked out/on hold/otherwise unavailable for months now. baww. Oh well, I had a gift card. :D

So I just found out how much my monthly payments on student loans will be, and they're just slightly less than my car payments are. :O Which is AWESOME because I was expecting them to be double if not more. I was beginning to wonder if I could really swing moving out if I ended up with a huge monthly payment on top of rent/utilities/health & car insurance/food. But now I think I could, especially if I get my car paid off by the end of the year. \o/ The downside is, I have 120 payments to make, which means I'll be chained to this thing for the next ten years of my life. o_o
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I think vampires are kinda overrated. :U

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-Townhouse in Philidelphia that I barely remember since we moved when I was 4
-First house in Richmond
-South Ruffner freshman year
-Cunningham sophomore year (I... can't remember if it was north or south ffff I suck)
-South Tabb junior year
-Stanley Park apt senior year
-New house in Richmond

lol STabb. As much fun as it was living in a condemned building I think the apartment wins for favorite place I've lived. :D South Ruffner was kinda nice until they shut off the A/C.
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And now it's stuck in your head, too!

SO I HAVE A MASTER'S DEGREE. I think. I still don't have my final grades yet. >:| My parents got me a new TV for a graduation present, which is pretty awesome because I had just started saving up money to get one myself because the one in my bedroom is threatening to die (plus I'd have to get one when I move out anyway). I also got some money from my grandmother and aunt that I'm going to use to buy some new clothes since I haven't done that in... almost a year holy crap.

This month I resolve to throw myself into the job hunt! I've been getting really bad hours at Hallmark pratically since mid-March, and while that wasn't a huge deal when I was buried under assignments, it's getting to be a pain now I really need more income. Right now the owners only want one person working each shift because it hasn't been busy at all, but even after two people quit I'm still not getting any time, and the shifts I DO get are the crappy ones. Bleh. I have until August before my student health insurance runs out and I'll have to start paying back my student loans probably around then, too. SO. I am going to redo my resume (I CAN'T WAIT TO ADD "MASTER'S DEGREE" OH MAN) and pester people for letters and references and probably start volunteering at the library too.

If I can get a full time job soon maybe I'll see what I can do about getting my car completely paid off within the next year or so. I'm already over halfway there and it's only been about three and a half years. Of course it depends on what my student loan payments will be.

I think I'm getting better at Thief! Of course that's probably because I'm kinda sorta playing along wiht a video walkthrough I found, teehee. I managed to beat the first "scary" level (which is the one that actually gave me nightmares before) and I'm not quite as jumpy anymore! Oh wow, I just realized that I can play video games again and not have to worry about whether or not I got my assignments done first. \o/

OK, I am going to go clean stuff and tackle the clogged drain in my shower because I FEEL MOTIVATED.
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Gee, I wonder.

Actually, I have time today, so I am going to list a few:
video gaems )
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Does homework count? D:

In other news, I... might have some place to live when I move out. I just have to wait until October when the space becomes available. Which is totally cool with me. I feel nervous even mentioning it because I don't want to jinx it. Here's hoping!

I get to see Coraline on Sunday, yay!
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I'm being a rebel and answering yesterday's writer's block OH BOY.

Anyway, ROBOT MASTERS. All of them. Even the lame ones like Wood Man and Toad Man.

And eeehhh why the heck not:

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Mine's the Rat, but I'm nothing like every description of the Rat I've ever read so maybe I was born in the wrong year or something. Well except for the "succeeds despite their perpetual fear of failure" but most of the time I chalk that up to being really lucky.


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