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What a coincidence, I finally cut out the sewing patterns for the Medic's labcoat today. I also started making the bonesaw. I ended up dropping my boxcutter on my computer while cutting foam and now it has a BATTLE SCAR. My computer is hardcore.

Oh jeez the internet has completely sucked all week. Youtube videos didn't load, Steam took ten minutes to start up, and just browsing forums choked up. And sometime while I was at work yesterday it died completely. Somebody from Comcast FINALLY came over and fixed it for us and I'm just going to keep my fingers crossed. It's really annoying.

I joined [livejournal.com profile] fannish5 but I haven't answered any of their prompts yet derp. SO I WILL ANSWER TWO IN ONE GO:
"Name your five favorite fictional kids."
-RAZ. Raz is the coolest ten year old ever. I'd say I want to be like him when I grow up, but... yeah.
-Coraline. I am such a complete nerd for both the book AND the movie. I love how one of the running gags is that nobody ever really LISTENS to Caroline Coraline- she kind of epitomizes that frustration of never having your parents take you seriously. And of course she saves her parents lives and herself all on her own.
-The chosen four s-shut up I am not cheating When a random guy tells them it's dangerous and they should go inside and play Nintendo, do they go inside and play Nintendo? NO! They go and save the world from the embodiment of evil itself. Now that's taking initiative.
-Majora's Mask Link. He is my favorite Link in the Zelda series. He's the only one who didn't save the world because DESTINY SAID SO- he was a lost little kid in the wrong place at the wrong time and he saved the world in order to return a favor.
-Skull Kid Speaking of Majora's Mask... Skull Kid is my favorite creepy kid ever. He's so completely adorable and so absolutely terrifying at the same time.

"What 5 series would you resurrect if you could?"
Futurama Sam & Max Monkey Island LEMME THINK ABOUT THIS

-Gabriel Knight, because there were plans for a fourth game but it never happened. I would love to see how it turned out. And if they made it in 3D nowadays it wouldn't look nearly as ugly as GK3 does.
-The Journeyman Project, for the exact same reason as Gabriel Knight. Whyyyy did they never finish the fourth one? Of course if it ever came back they would have to do something about the terrible acting.
-Journeyman (Not to be confused with Journeyman Project). I was more hooked on this show than I was with Heroes, but I think that was because Heroes started getting dumb. But then it got axed because of the writer's strike. :(
-Megas XLR. One day I will find the meddling executive responsible for this and PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE.
-Does wishing that the MOTHER series would finally get proper localizations and Virtual Constole releases count? ;____;


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