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Elizabeth - Bioshock Infinite

This is a costume I want to do for myself and I really really really want to debut it at Katsucon. I wouldn't have to buy a wig since Elizabeth has the exact same hair as me. I just got the idea to try and make a bottle of salts for a prop out of an empty Febreeze bottle, and I want to carry around chocolate coins and randomly hand them to people.

Mareep gijinka - Pokeymans

THERE WAS SOME TALK ABOUT DOING A POKEMON GROUP AT AN UPCOMING CON. I dunno if it's actually going to happen but I love this dress and I want to make it because Mareep is my favorite poggle.

Ellone - Final Fantasy 8

THERE HAS ALSO BEEN SOME TALK about us doing a FF8 group for several years now. I picked out Ellone because her outfit is pretty simple and I think I could take some of the techniques from doing Elizabeth's dress and work them into this.

The seventh Doctor - Doctor Who

This is gonna be a Goodwill costume, lol. Although I am super excited about making a question mark umbrella.

On top of new costumes, I have a million and one things to fix my Yuuko (xxxHolic) dress before I can wear it again at Katsucon. I have slightly less work to do on my Euphemia (Code Geass) dress but I want to make a petticoat for it to make it even floofier than it already is.


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