Nov. 11th, 2013

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Elizabeth - Bioshock Infinite

This is a costume I want to do for myself and I really really really want to debut it at Katsucon. I wouldn't have to buy a wig since Elizabeth has the exact same hair as me. I just got the idea to try and make a bottle of salts for a prop out of an empty Febreeze bottle, and I want to carry around chocolate coins and randomly hand them to people.

Mareep gijinka - Pokeymans

THERE WAS SOME TALK ABOUT DOING A POKEMON GROUP AT AN UPCOMING CON. I dunno if it's actually going to happen but I love this dress and I want to make it because Mareep is my favorite poggle.

Ellone - Final Fantasy 8

THERE HAS ALSO BEEN SOME TALK about us doing a FF8 group for several years now. I picked out Ellone because her outfit is pretty simple and I think I could take some of the techniques from doing Elizabeth's dress and work them into this.

The seventh Doctor - Doctor Who

This is gonna be a Goodwill costume, lol. Although I am super excited about making a question mark umbrella.

On top of new costumes, I have a million and one things to fix my Yuuko (xxxHolic) dress before I can wear it again at Katsucon. I have slightly less work to do on my Euphemia (Code Geass) dress but I want to make a petticoat for it to make it even floofier than it already is.
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I am also moving at the end of the month! Into another townhouse, with two of my friends. It's gonna be slightly cheaper and bigger than my current house. I'M SUPER EXCITED even though I hate having to pack all of my stuff up again. I also get a cat. :D My grandmother rescued a stray back in May and said that when I move out of my current house (as one of my roommates is allergic) I can have her. She's a tiny shorthair and I named her Zelda. :3 She has a bad habit of biting and scratching that I have to try and break her of but aside from that she is a sweetie.

We're not sure where she came from: my grandmother and I have never seen any missing posters for her, but we kinda doubt she's a feral cat because she knew how to use a litter box, she was spayed, and she had no problem adjusting to life as a spoiled indoor cat. The vet estimates that she's only 3-5 years old, too.

I have been really craving a warm fuzzy in my life since Zam died last year, and not only do I get to have a kitty but my friends have a corgi that's going to live with us and I think I will finally adopt some guinea pigs next year too. So I'm going to go from having no pets to ALL THE PETS.


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