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It's been a while!

1. There's a collection of temples/shrines devoted to various gods/goddesses and most of them have a Greco-Roman theme to them (imagine lots of small Parthenons clustered together). But an evil god is corrupting the temples and their pristine while marble starts looking kind of discolored or rotted and start growing tentacles inexplicably. This was pretty cool looking in my dream but I am clearly not doing it justice with this description.

2. I'm at a fancy vacation house that just happens to be haunted by a vengeful spirit that possesses everyone who enters the house except for me. For some reason I thought calling the police would solve this problem, but then I realize the ghost would just possess the police too, so the last part of the dream is me running down the street trying to find a phone that I can call the police with, because they can totally arrest an angry spirit. DREAMS. The ghost was pretty close to your stereotypical dead Japanese girl with stringy hair in her face.

3. MAYBE the same house from before, with ghosts/demons that aren't quite as vengeful and don't possess people but were still dangerous and way scarier than before. Apparently to stop the ghosts I had to find the master of the house who was dead/asleep in a secret room in the house somewhere. CUE SLEUTHING!

4. A surprising amount of dreams where I dream that I wake up. I never used to have these very often, and definitely not as vivid as they have been. I had one where I woke up and checked my bank statement and saw that I only had $32 to my name. It freaked me out so much that when I woke up for real I had to check my bank account to make sure I actually did have money.
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