Apr. 6th, 2013 11:29 pm
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There are a lot of places that have popped up multiple times in my dreams.

The school Is a mishmash of every school I've ever attended, elementary through grad school, and everything is a lot bigger than it is in real life. The pieces of different schools range from places I remember visiting almost every day, like my locker in high school, to random places that I only sparsely remember like this patch of grass with a sewer hole that was in between the office building and one of the classroom buildings of my elementary school. There are lots of floors and it's usually packed with students of varying age (high school-aged kids will be in the parts from my high school, for example).

The mall A shopping mall! It's... kind of old and in need of remodeling. The decor/architecture looks very 80s-ish. Sometimes the layout is all one floor, and sometimes it's several stories. Something that's weird is that when it's more than one floor, all of the entrances are on the top floor and everything else is underground. The stores vary depending on what I'm dreaming about, but book stores and stores full of geek merch tend to appear the most. It's always sunset or night time when I visit the mall. Usually, it's a pretty happening place, but the last time I dreamed about it, it wasn't doing so good- a lot of closed stores, others were going out of business and were picked over, and the place was pretty empty. I remember looking out into the parking lot and seeing that the asphalt was cracked and covered in weeds like it hadn't been attended to in years.

The shore This one is kinda abstract but I'll try to describe it as best as I can. I'm (or the person/character I'm dreaming about) standing on the shore of some body of water (sometimes it's a lake, other times an ocean) with my/their back to some huge mountain range, which is impassable except for the path/cave/entrance that we came through to get to the shore. Far in the distance across the water is SOMETHING, which is different every time (an island, a building, the other side of the lake, etc). There's always this sense that whatever it is, it's very important! Every time the shore appears, everything is slightly different. One time it was so foggy you couldn't see what was across the water, then one time the water was frozen, and another time the thing across the water was this huge Dark Tower-esque structure. I've never had a dream where I or whoever I'm dreaming about actually gets across the water. :\

The vacation house A big fancy house. It kind of resembles the house my relatives used to own in Pittsburgh that we visited on- what else- vacation, only a lot bigger and with way more rooms than any normal house needs. It has this country/rustic vibe going on and smells kind of musty. The vacation house has been located on the beach, in the woods, on top of a snowy mountain, and other places you would think to take a vacation.


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