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Borrowed from [community profile] smash_random, not posting there because of the wotm (KAAAAAAATE)

Also threw in Melia for good measure.

Favorite color:

Kumatora Tattered old hoodie blue.

Flint Sunflower/goldenrod yellow. Or red!

Flurrie Her favorite shade of green eyeshadow (it's called "Emerald Dream", dahling)

Skull Kid ORANGE. The brighter and more obnoxious, the better.

Garrett Shiny, shiny gold.

Melia Pretty princess pink~

Favorite food:

Kumatora She practically lives on microwave burritos and burgers. I don't know how.


Flurrie Chocolate bon-bons of course

Skull Kid Anything that can be messy or sticky, like fruit!

Garrett Something that's cooked and relatively fresh and not covered in maggots? He's from the medieval ages after all.

Melia She loves Amethyst Melons! Of course, the game doesn't actually show you what an Amethyst Melon is, but I guess it's some kind of purple fruit.

Favorite song/band/genre of music:

Kumatora DCMC OMG!!! She likes hard rock in general.

Flint All the sappy country songs. All of them.

Flurrie She loves Motown and tunes from musicals!

Skull Kid The sweet, sweet sounds of pots and pans banging together.


Melia Music is strangely not a thing in Xenoblade-world, but she would probably like soft/indie pop music a lot.

Favorite article of clothing:

Kumatora The hoodie. How has it not fallen to pieces by now?

Flint HAT

Flurrie Her pearl necklace. She's naked without it! (BUT GROOVE SHE'S ALREADY N- SHUT UP)

Skull Kid ALSO HAT

Garrett His cape it's also my favorite hur

Melia She likes her dress so much that she'll risk trudging through steamy jungles and dangerous factories in it!

Favorite scent or smell:

Kumatora Duster Ionia's favorite perfume

Flint Sunflowers

Flurrie Chanel No. 5

Skull Kid The smell of carnival food

Garrett Anything that's not a sewer

Melia Lots of different flowers

Favorite way to unwind/relax:

Kumatora Punching something

Flint Having a beer or two

Flurrie A nice day at the spa~~

Skull Kid Coloring, especially if it's on the walls

Garrett Counting the loot after a heist

Melia Picking flowers or taking a stroll through the garden

Favorite hobby/pasttime:

Kumatora Punching something

Flint Working. He takes pride in his job. B|

Flurrie SHOPPING!! Also tea parties.

Skull Kid Hiding in trees and throwing acorns at people

Garrett Breaking and entering

Melia What are hobbies she is a princess she has no time for recreation :||||

Favorite person to spend time with:

Kumatora Dusterrrrr

Flint Hinawa... IF SHE WASN'T DEAD

Flurrie Eggman~~~~

Skull Kid Anybody who will color with him


Melia She likes all of her friends, but Shulk especially because of reasons.


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