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1. Girl goes on vacation to the beach with her family. Girl wakes up to find her family has mysteriously disappeared and that she has turned into some kind of mermaid?? And the ocean is full of monsters, but normal people can't see them and they can't see normal people. But now that the girl is a mermaid she can see them and they want to eat her. Girl takes off to find missing family nonetheless and I woke up before anything else happened.

2. A friend of mine introduced me to a new video game. It looks kind of like an SNES-style RPG or Zelda. But the noteworthy thing about it was, you could type in the name of any video game character and bam- you would get them as a playable character. It even had obscure characters like Flint from Mother 3 (yes I made my entire Smash Academy roster don't judge me). The game worked like this: you would invent a party of characters, and then they would all randomly spawn on different floors of a huge tower. The object of the game was to get your characters out of the tower via the exit at the bottom, but the catch was that you had to reunite your party first. So even if a character spawned on the first floor, they couldn't leave until the rest of the group joined up with them, and usually you would have to have them travel up the tower to meet up anyway because the tower generated obstacles that only certain characters could deal with. Of course the tower was full of traps and monsters that got more dangerous the more you progressed and reunited your party. But there was something kinda creepy about the whole thing. There was no blood or gore, but there was the implication that if the tower defeated one of your characters, something really awful happened to them. I was getting kind of a Sweet Home vibe from the whole thing.

3. ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. Except not really? It was more like a "zombies are a normal state of things". Zombies would rise from their graves every night and shamble around and your best bet, if you lived in a zombie infested area, was just to lock yourself in your home every night and wait until they went back into the ground at sunrise. Some of the zombies were bloodthirsty and brain-eating, but some of them weren't. One of them got into my house and it turns out he was just REALLY OBNOXIOUS. Tracked mud into my house, started raiding my fridge, ask me for stuff and then pretend he couldn't hear me when I told him to leave, etc, etc. Of course I couldn't push him out the door because who wanted to touch a rotting corpse? But man, that guy was a jerk.

Next up: reoccurring locations in my dreams!


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