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Still having weirdly vivid dreams, details within:

1: My parents moved into a new house. This is weird because IRL they never intend to move again, plus they have lots of long term home improvement plans for their house now. Anyway, I'm visiting the house and it has lots of weird architecture, like all the furniture folds out of the walls and stuff. There's something dangerous about the house, either it's haunted or an escaped convict has been seen in the area, or there's an urban legend about a monster that lives in the woods behind the house. I don't remember for sure. Nobody seems concerned about it either way.

2. I'm exploring a haunted house with the cast of Persona 4. I DON'T EVEN KNOW I HAVEN'T EVEN PLAYED THAT GAME. But there's a freak thunderstorm while we're inside. The next thing I know, I'm driving a lot, mostly running errands. The places I'm going to involve driving past lots of open fields and they're the only buildings for miles around. The sky behind me is stormy and cloudy but I always stay ahead of the storm.

3. I'm in Team Fortress 2, in some generic industrial/factory-themed map in the middle of a battle. I spend most of the time trying to avoid gunfire and explosions because both RED and BLU teams are too preoccupied with murdering each other to notice there's an unarmed civilian caught in the crossfire. At one point I got to see a pretty epic duel between the Spies that involved throwing knives and playing cards. ANYWAY, I eventually stumble upon THEAWFULTRUTH: the company that controls both RED and BLU secretly pumps all the maps full of a mind-altering, brainwashing drug that affects people who are prone to being violent and crazy and makes them even MORE violent and crazy. It doesn't affect me because I guess I'm not prone to being violent and/or crazy, but it does affect all the mercenaries and it's even worse on people like Soldier and Pyro. It also keeps them from asking questions, like why the mercs on either side look identical, why and how the respawn works and what the heck they're even fighting each other for. I found this out when something jars the RED Engineer out of his drug-induced bloodlust. All of the red color drains from him and turns gray and he's like "guys what the hell is going on", but then RED Medic and Heavy both jump him and knock him out for not being an asset to the team. Of course, he wakes up and he's back to "normal". It's a little unsettling.


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