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I've been having a lot of REALLY VIVID dreams lately, with plots and characters and everything. Unfortunately once I wake up it all goes poof except for a few random tidbits that I can remember and the occasional feeling of "whomg that was awesome".

I'm gonna write down all I can remember so it doesn't all disappear:

-A pack of werewolves living in a city. The 'plot' consisted of them helping out a newly-turned werewolf who doesn't know WTF

-A girl goes missing and her older brother ventures into a scary forest to find her. A cave is involved. The girl is in the cave except not really. Dream logic.

-Some kind of disaster is approaching. It wasn't zombies, but every time I try to recall it, "zombies" pops into my head anyway. I'm in a department store that looks suspiciously like the Navy exchange in Norfolk. Maybe that's where "zombies" comes from.

-I'm at [community profile] smashacademy! Except it looked more like an elaborate castle or mansion instead of a school. The only reason I knew I was at Smash (aside from my brain telling me "This is Smash btw") was that I saw some of the characters there. Including some of my own. :O

-There's a big, overgrown hedge maze and it's full of dragons, because I was playing Dragonvale before I went to sleep that night.


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